Zipper Ring

$35.00 - $90.00

Custom Order on Shapeways

An homage to the punk aesthetic of the East Village, our Zipper Ring is more polished than DIY.

The Zipper looks tight in both rough materials like antiqued bronze and the polish of Sterling silver. While the treads would have been tough to manufacture precisely in traditional methods, our 3D printing process allows the light to bounce off every tooth.

The Tread Ring stands on its own as an exercise in formalism, but with the Zipper we pull back the facade and give a tongue in cheek hint as to the meaning of the form. You can have it either way.

These unique rings are 3D printed in stainless steel, antique bronze finish or cast in precious materials from a printed wax positive. Download our printable ring size guide to ensure the right fit.

All of our products are made to order by in the U.S.A.

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