Twisted Ring

$30.00 - $90.00

Custom Order on Shapeways

This multifaceted ring answers a geometry question ... and they say in mathematics, beauty is truth. 

Most of our products use real mechanical objects as antecedents, and the Twisted ring is our first divergence. Exploring the geometry of a hex twisting through space results in six wonderfully complex curved surfaces. Each side intersects two high points and two low ones, evoking the curvature of a sail under wind. 

These unique rings are 3D printed in stainless steel, antique bronze finish or cast in precious materials from a printed wax positive. 

All of our products are made to order by in the U.S.A.  Download our printable ring size guide to ensure the right fit.

Learn about how we designed the Twist Ring
Let's twist again - The winding path from nuts to jewelry

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