Prenup Ring

$80.00 - $800.00

Custom Order on Shapeways

An unorthodox ring with a carat size usually reserved for the red carpet, we think it'll shine on your finger.

The only conflicts we had in designing our "diamond" ring were deciding on the perfect form and cut, but this ring works as well for general bling as any special occasion. While this ring would rock a shocking 5.75 carats if if weren't made of metal, frankly, we think the diamond industry should concern itself with a fifth C, not just Color, Carat, Cut and Clarity, but also Conflict. 

If you're curious to learn more about the history of the industry, we'd suggest reading Edward Jay Epstein's expose for The Atlantic, "Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond?" Of course, we're entrepreneurs, not saints, but if you ever tire of this piece, you can just weigh it to see what the metal's worth, rather than relying on some wizened "expert" in a back room with a loup, who makes you feel ignorant by pointing out occlusions.

These unique rings are cast in precious materials from a printed wax positive.  Download our printable ring size guide to ensure the right fit.

All of our products are made to order by in Brooklyn, NY.

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