Headphone Necklace

$53.00 - $99.00

Custom Order on Shapeways

While you might not be able to get lossless compression from your MP3s, show that you don't need a subwoofer to keep the beat.

Our headphone necklace is the hanging version of our headphone cufflinks, which were designed for the hippest hedge fund manager we know, Efrem. It's certainly appropriate for anyone trying to break out of their corporate shell, just not too loudly.

This unique necklace is 3D printed in stainless steel or cast in precious metal from a printed wax positive. Each pendant comes with an appropriately sized chain ... though if anyone knows where to find some coiled black elastic cord at length and in bulk to properly evoke the cabling of real headphones, drop us a line, and we'll do V2. Plus we'd be delighted to give you a necklace, in silver, gratis.

All of our products are made to order by Shapeways in Brooklyn, NY.

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